Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fashionvalet - Make The Pitch

as much as I'm itching to start watching my TV series now, I felt like writing this post first, coz I just cant get over how amazed I am after watching FashionValet's Make The Pitch on youtube just now..

I have been a Proudduck reader for the past 3 years or so (who isnt right? Vivy's writings are just hilarious! and insightful and always fun to read) .. naturally that is where I knew about FashionValet.. anyways, klu ade lagi org yg tak tau, FashionValet is a online fashion store that caters our local kan...ok honestly, not being a fashionista, i didnt really get whats the big deal..but after tgk how Vivy has been promoting local brands..and also being surrounded by those who loves fashion...I now understand why its important to support our local designers..

tho is a must see everyday, sadly to say I havent made any purchase yet, sad kan..bukan tak support local designers or what...just that im seriously not that into fashion. i love simple. and mostly. I like to DIY... there's nothing more satisfying than wearing your own designs :) or maybe I just havent found something I really like yet (ok tipu ~ ade yg suka ~ but I'm too cheap to spend on clothes T__T) maybe one day ~ soon ~

eh ~ melalut plak back to the topic ~ Make The Pitch... I've heard about this program before, tapi tak penah tengok, then I saw vivy nyer post about they got the investment, trus rasa nak tengok ~ i must say, I'm super impressed ~ not because they got the investment, but just because they entered the show ~ eventho both of them are from family with money, but, they chose to find their own capital, to make it on theer own ~ tabik spring boleh ~

anyways, you could see their pitch here

the numbers are super impressive! and vivy was super serious!

then the semi finals

and the finals ~ where they got the RM1 million investment ~~ crazy kan

love Vivy nyer expression masa dapat the rm5k cheque tu ~~~

sweet and powerful couple right.

Inspiring kan?

Congratulations FashionValet for the investment :)

Semoga dipermurahkan lagi rezeki. InsyaAllah...

*maybe not all of us could do exactly like what they have done, but we could always take this as an inspiration and try what works for us kan... insyaAllah :)

Aisyah Samsudin
Premium Beautiful Agent

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