Thursday, October 11, 2012


did you know drinking collagen is the IN THING right now?


Till the company came out with a new product BB Plus Collagen drink

Since I never really had problems with my skin + the fact that I HATE taking supplements -- I set this one aside..

at first...

until mom hit me with her " I started taking care of skin since I was young..." really made me realize...OMG...i have been neglecting my skin all this while coz silly me for thinking I would be having mom's perfectly great skin when I am her age ~ no kidding! I really thought it was genetics man!!

BUT NO!!!!! mom has been taking supplements and doing all the facial since she started working..


HELP! never had a facial my whole life! and I am lazy when it comes to cleanse-toner-moisturizer routine ~ dont even talk about eye-cream or night cream at all!

so now I'm saying hello to my new best friend (ok maybe not the best yet - need to break the laziness of taking supplements)

and the best thing is ~ it helps my whole skin and not only my face (logic laa kan sbb dah consume masuk trus ke badan! haishh!!)

need more info about the product? you can read it here ... i'll make a post about all the benefits and all after this ~

AND IT DOESNT TASTE LIKE FISH AT ALL!! (???) haha... coz it says the main ingrediant taken from fish kan..

this is how it looks like inside the box - 20 sachets per box :)

and this is how it works

and will result in

7 Hasil Kulit Cantik
1. Kulit wajah berseri dan cerah
2. Kulit lebih anjal dan tegang
3. Kulit lebih halus dan gebu
4. Kulit lebih lembab  
5. Kulit lebih licin serta kurang garis halus dan kedutan
6. Kulit lebih cepat sembuh dan pulih
7. Kulit kurang kesan kerosakan akibat sinaran matahari

PRICE : RM180 per box of 20 sachets

*or get it free when you purchase 1 set of Premium Beautiful**

contact me if you are interested okehh :)


Aisyah Samsudin

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