Friday, January 20, 2012

happy birthday to me ;)

so i turned 28 last wednesday ;)

got lots of wishes thru fb and sms and some friends ade yg call - thanks sweets ;))

my family called early morning - nyanyi bday song ;) love u too bits..

hubs plan nak amek cuti - but had to cancel sbb ade meeting ngan org2 i spent the day with my siblings instead..bawak diorg makan n lepak klcc jap..actually ajak diorang teman bday shopping..hehehe...

bought mom a present coz the reason i am here celebrating my bday is because of her jugak and giving birth is not easy people!!! please remember to say thank you to ur mom on ur bday ok!! ;)

anyways bought mom a sling bag from zara coz shes been hinting she wanted one last week....

she lovess it!! ;)

and for me...

alhamdulillah after 4 years dok ding dong ding dong ..should i get one..or membazir... i finally got myself my first LV ;)

for some people it might not be a big deal..but for me..mcm..hmm...its a huge deal...mmg teringin..but i had to think about so many things if i wanted to get it...i had to think about other people...but i guess..sometimes tak salah nak beli something untuk diri sendiri kan ;)

so dats bday dinner or anything..just something for myself,my mom and had a good time with my famile ;)

alhamdulillah..bersyukur for everything Allah has given me in the past...and i hope that 28 will be another great year for me..insyaAllah ;)

aim this year rm100,000 savings..insyaAllah....


aisyah samsudin


Miss Amateur Cook said...

wow LV! happy birthday kak aisyah. nama kita sama la. :D

aiesya said...

thanks dear ;)