Monday, January 9, 2012

premium beautiful

yes its 2 am and im blogging..actually balik from app tadi demam..pastu makan ubat trus tido kol 630..kol 10 kot terjaga..hidung meleleh..tekak pedih..cuaca now its very bad its really affecting my health..doesnt help that im still throwing up everything i eat..i pray that my sickness ni cepat berlalu..tak tahan sgt..please pray for me too k... ;)

now tak bleh nak tdo :(

tak tau nak tulis psal ape so decided to write about premium beautiful..something im most passionate about..why..? not just because im selling it..but also because im wearing it (tho skrg ni take a break jap coz preggie kan )

i love this corset coz it helped me a lot when i wanted to loose helped me during that time of the month and helped me cramp-free! klu tak mesti berguling-guling everytime period...and it helped me with my backache..eversince delivered aqil ive been having backache yg teruk and everytime pakai pb..voila!! hilang sakit belakang..and i remember it helped ne masa tgh pantang...i remember my peranakan jatuh in the 3rd week pantang and it hurt like hell..mcm nak terberanak balik..walking was painful..dukung aqil brought tears to my eyes..not happy tears..but painful ones..mmg sakit giler..panggil makcik urut..dah urut 2 days pun still sakit..pakai bengkung pun still sakit..last2 sarung jer long girdle for one night..alhamdulillah..the next day trus ok..made me believe in the corset even more...

plus mmg cepat giler kecut bila pakai pb masa pantang..the only reason i didnt wear it to ofis masa dah naik keje co i couldnt fit in the cup..sbb breastfeeding cam sgt berbeza dengan masa before pregnant..

also..pb helped me generate more income than i could ever imagined..masa mula2 kerja dulu..i was the type of employee yg say yes jer..setuju with when there was no increament i didnt make a noise..or OT kene tarik balik also i redha jer..but then still buat ot..i was the kind yg akan get involved with the activities..kira baiklaa aku ni..soh dtg PH pun g..weekend pun masuk keje..but gaji rm2k++ jer..kira2 klu dah jadi senior or super visor or team lead in like 5-7 years time maybe dapat like rm5k camtu..but of course with higher ranking comes more responsibilities and more hours into work..but somehow..still ada rasa satisfied bila dapat complete keje and reporting dengan jayanya..i tot..ok laa gaji 2k++ ..asalkan keje best..

but actually bila buat bisnes ni..u put in a lot of energy on the get rewarded ikut ur effort..takde tolak sana sini..and actually..its more satisfying..alhamdulillah..dengan pakai pb i got the chance to know about the bisnes and joined the bisnes and get solid income thru the bisnes..mmg kepuasan die lain giler laa nak banding dengan keje ofis dulu.. ;)

mmg biasa mula2 join bisnes ni or even masa nak beli pb ni got negative reaction from other people...

i remember masa buat post about wanting to buy pb ke mcm of my guy friends ckp that mengarut jer nak beli..he said the fir is a lie and ape ntah..the thing not a science girl..i actually care not abt the fir mom pakai for 15 years and it worked for her..dat alone was good enuf for me ;) he also mentioned about people lying in the testimonials sbb diorg nak jual the pb to people..i guess..ade kot yg tipu..but being in this business...and meeting so many people yg pakai pretty sure that most of the testimonials u read online are the truth..i lost 10kgs in 3 month without dieting..and i have pictures to prove it..but if ade org ingat im lying then thats up to them kan..ade one friend smsed my husband ckp if i photoshoped my picture..adeke..??? haishh..pakai photoshop pun tak reti..apecer...lil!

ade jugak dpt feedbacks from my friends yg hubby tak bagi beli coz tgk makcik/sepupu sepapat pakai tak kurus pun...when i sell pb i will tell that persob. u need to wear pb 8 hours a day..when u eat..and dah rasa penuh..stop..jgn nak habiskan jugak...theb beats the purpose pakai corset laa kan..listen to what ur body is telling u...baru laa jadi pakai pb ni..agak klu pakai seminggu 2-3 kali..pastu hari2 yg lain melantak cam hape..mmg laaa susah nak nampak effect..kan? tgk dulu org tu pakai mcm mana baru boleh kata berkesan ke tak actually..hmm..

mmg there is always something bad yg org nak ckp..but why focus on the negative when there are 1001 positive things about the corset...i do research and both the good and the bad..but always make my own mind about things...coz i truly believe everyone ckp something ade motive or reason disebalik..they will always be biased..same goes for me..

i think mcm dah tersasar dari tajuk? ke tak? ntah laa...i need to sleep..having bad migrain now..lapar..sakit tekak..dok minum air non stop also going to the loo non stop..haihhh...

had a debate with hubs psal designer handbag before he went to sleep tadi..but dats another post..right..

till my next rambling


aisyah samsudin

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