Thursday, December 8, 2011


On my bed testing this new app on my phone...

Went to the curve last night to meet my divas..had a really good group discussion...a few exciting projects on the way...

This is why i super love thia business is that u dont u do it alone...we do it together as a team.. ;)

Wore the new top that i made..i just love it to pieces..coz its super comfy,the lenght is just right and i dont have to check if any of my skin is showing every other minute...

After the meeting,had another meeting with my great leader salha with a few other at starbucks..was so tempted to have coffee but i just had oreo milkshake at secret recipe earlier so decided not to...too much sugar in one day not good it was already 11pm then...was not feeling very well so i kept quiet the whole session..hmm...

Brought aqil n hubs along sbb lately i have a hard time driving at night or even driving long distance..rasa seperti mahu pitam...went back earlier than the rest ..coz aqil nak menyusu and it was already midnight...dah resah mahu tido..hes still sleeping beside me now...anak teruna i mmg suka bgn lambat..

Baru perasan terlupa nak amek gambar dengan salha and the other leaders...hmm...i did find the session smlm super useful and helped me a bit in developing my team...thanks salha for the great advice and tipa and all..ur great ;)

Oklaaa..need to iron mr hubs baju for work..;)

Have a great day peeepsss...loovveee!!?


Aisyah Samsudin

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