Sunday, December 4, 2011

make ur own top!

have you ever went into a store, picked up a very cute sleeveless top that you think will look total cute in ur skinny jeans and new cardigan, only to find that cute tiny thing cost a bomb!?!!?



I mean, come on , RM99 for a sleeveless and very the jarang top is a bit much kan? even if u have the money to spend... well, I donno about u..but I was not raised up like that.... my father always tell me to spend wisely :)

so what do I do??

DIY honey!!!!

its pretty easy,

1- buy a fabric which u like - if sleeveless 1 meter is enuf!

2- find a top that u already have, make a pattern by tracing it on a paper (mahjung/oil/newspaper) , lebihkan 2 inch for seam allowance + to be safe , cut the pattern

3- trace the pattern on ur fabric , cut the fabric


tadaaaaaa.... wear it with a cardigan and ur ready to go!! :)

the best part is, this way u can control the length of the top -no more tersingkat and also the neck of the top....i prefer it to be high so bila pakai tudung takdelaa pening2 nak cover or risau ternampak bahagian2 yg tak patut nampak tu... coz normally sleeveless tops bnyknya the opening is very low yg sampai boleh nampak cleavage tu....agak tak sesuai untuk kita yg pakai dak??

and this top only cost me....... RM8 !!!!!! LOVE!

selamat mencuba!!

aisyah samsudin


eLYies said...

aisyah!! cnteknyaaaa..elyies paling susah nak cari baju...huhuh...byk yg jenis pendek

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