Monday, October 24, 2011

inspired :)

one of my favorite blogger and my must read everyday blog would be Proudduck aka Vivy Yusof..

her writings and posts are always fun to read or when its on a serious subject she never fails to make it simple and easy to read and most importantly - readable for someone yg tak suka nak baca all the heavy2 stuff like me (most of the times)

she is 4 years younger than me - once my junior kat high school (1 year jer) but she inspires me a lot ..tgk all she has accomplished rasa mcam...I want to be like that....

anyways one of her recent post really inspired me (well, most of them do), titled "Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia"

I love it when she attends events/conferences like that and shares her experience with us who dont have the chance to attend such courses..

my favorite part would be this

Entrepreneurs are strong-willed, stubborn people who do not take instructions well. The founder of, Jeff Hoffman, for example, gave suchhhhh an inspiring talk on how to deal with negativity. In every single idea, there will be a lot of people who will tell you negative things that might discourage you to go further.
He said when he resigned, his boss called him in and told him off and said you will never be a successful entrepreneur. Why? 3 reasons:
1) You’re not focused – you do 10 things at once
2) You’re impatient
3) You have no respect for authority
He also told him that soon, he will come begging for his job again and by then it will be too late. Jeff said that he would poke his eyes out before coming again to that office.
Anyway, he was so depressed after that, but he realised he was getting advice from the wrong people. He was listening to people who weren’t his target market, people who didn’t understand the business he wanted to go in, so whatever he thought was alien to them.
He talked to another person who understood his vision and the guy said that he’ll be a very successful man because of 3 reasons:
1) You’re a brilliant multi-tasker
2) You have a drive to get things done
3) You’re not afraid to try something new
It’s exactly the same 3 things his ex-boss said to him! In a different light.
He now owns a company worth billions of dollars (I wonder how his ex-boss feels).
A lot of them said they’re not bothered by failures. They all said we’re going to fail more than once, but get over it! It’s better to have failed than to have never tried at all. 

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I love the idea of the 3 reasons said in 2 different ways part, I love the part about the failures - makes u think kan...

when making a decision, get advice from the right people, the people who wants to see you berjaya...not the ones yang takut and want to see u fail..


I guess, mmg masa mula2 its very hard to make decisions, mmg susah nak take that very first step..but when u do, u know u're right...and u will do it sampai ke sudah...and if you fail walaupun dah buat mati-matian, terima that its not meant for you and Allah ade different plans for you...but at least you TRIED and lagipun, all is not lost, you learn a lot from the experience kan..and you use those experience for your next chapter....believe, everything happens for a reason....ade hikmah di sebalik segala kejadian...insyaAllah...

aisyah samsudin 

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