Tuesday, May 31, 2011

simple things

as "modern" as I am, I believe that a woman/wife,

- must know how to cook..maybe not the fancy stuff, enough knowing the basics..because basics tu yg akan buatkan kita explore masak macam2

- must know how to sew...not jahit baju sendiri ke ape..but atleast know how to put a thread thru a needle and sew a button or a hook or the bottom of ur husbands pants ;)

- respect the husband and listen to what he says and try to please him the very best way you can...even it looks like simple or ridiculous...the small2 things..

for example..one random day, hubs tetibe ckp.. "sayang dah lama tak pakai tudung biasa.."

and so........

korek balik tudung mak yg lama2 (and baju mak) ..and hubs smiled bila tgk i pki mcm ni.. :) but it only lasted a day..simply because malas nak gosok tudung.. ;p 

sometimes, the way for us to be happy is to make the one we love happy... :)

aisyah samsudin

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