Monday, May 2, 2011

Prolapsed Disc & Waist Nipper PB

mr hubs wears a waist nipper! ^___^

why? because he has Prolapse Disc condition and wearing the PB waist nipper helps a lot (or so he says)..

mula2 suggest kat die, he was so offended..pehal plak nak pki baju dalam perempuan kan..but when he keeps on complaining about his back, i asked him to try (and yes, we wears the same size as i do!!! crazy kan?? ramping betul laki aku nih..ishhh)..and now he's complaining less about the pain..alhamdulillah....

he used to go  for some back therapy, but it cost a fortune!! i think baru halfway jer dah beribu...the waist nipper only cost him (or me) rm600 jer...compared nak g therapy tu kan...

and certain org tak tau, but slip disc is very dangerous...jgn main2 k..boleh buat lumpuh tau....mintak jauh...but its true....if we can try to prevent..ape salahnya kan...

To those yang berminat nak tau lebih lanjut, drop me an email or text me, I am happy to help..

Dont ignore the pain or treatment....before anything worst happens, baik berwaspada dulu kan...think about your loved ones :)

Aisyah - 019-2710102

aisyah samsudin

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Nens Collection said... ade send email nk th lebih lanjut PB ni..kot2 berkemampuan kan..cek ye..