Sunday, May 1, 2011

facing the ocean

*updated with pictures*

growing up, we siblings would always have a bag ready packed because our mom is the spontaneous type, on fridays she will go

"ok pack ur bags, we're going to pd" or cherating, or pangkor, or kuantan or wherever...

we went on short weekend vacations so often i really could not keep track to the places i've been sampaikan now, if i ever go to where i think i've never been to before, and the place looks like somehow quite fimiliar, i would ask mom/ dad if we've ever been there before..and of course, the answer would always been yes.. ;)

fast forward one grandchild is still mom..

sleptover at moms on saturday night coz knew that dad was going to kuantan on sunday...then sunday morning, mom was like "jom g visit abg...then g cherating...teman ayah g kursus..."

its so hard to say no to cherating coz i love the beach and sea so much plus its been a while since the last family vacay...

so here i am, writing a blog post on my ipad, sitting facing the ocean with a cup of nescafe by myside...bliss~~~~

went swimming this morning and the water was just was clear and warm and it was so hard for me to get out and get ready to go back... now i just feel sad walking away...

i wish i could do this every month..heck..every week...i wish i had a beach house...hmmm....maybe one day insyaAllah....

*** updated ***

as early as 6.45am at the beach!

sister with daddy's new toy!

the family..

Tok Sam with the cucu

my funky mom and serious dad! (yes thats a sweat suit shes wearing!) 

my life..

my vain lil bro!

after checkout we went to Teluk Cempedak for lunch ( and to wait for my auntie)

Aqil didnt want me to hold him..mommy no fun!

happy with the dad! huh!

aisyah samsudin

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