Tuesday, February 9, 2010

got 5 minutes break from work..

nope. not on leave yet.

yes. still at work.


the person replacing me during my maternity leave got in a fight and now on medical leave for a week!

there's 2 major cut off this week, which apparently, nobody else knows how to do the work.
[i was on half day leave for my checkup yesterday, and was on the phone (almost) the whole time to explain step by step how to do the task- stopped only because my batery went kaput..]

lastly- i came in early this morning, just to find out they did it completely wrong and i had to re-do the whole task again..alhamdulillah..after how many days of error error error.....managed to successfully uploaded the darn thing... [i also blame the BP for giving out instructions of amendments so late in the evening! -suka nak complaint buat keje tak betul laa lambat laa..padahal kasik info sume lambat..then how???]

still coming to work tomorrow [maybe] but definitely going to take MC on Friday...i could hardly walk properly today..sakit dowh...!! [is it normal or me too manja??] hmmm...

LBNL, bersalin ke tak next week..i am starting my maternity leave after CNY...i dont care...tak larat.. hehhee...

little A, kuar laa cepat... ;)

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m@Ri@ said...

gud luck awk..get ready k..maria dlu pn bersalin awal seminggu dr due