Monday, December 12, 2016

all about me and him

(warning: this entry is going to be very2 musshhyy and all about me and him..for those who thinks that they would not understand or stand the musshyness.Please stay away.hehe~~)

its 4.15 am.

and i cant sleep.

solat dah.baca Quran dah.

I dunno what to do anymore to stop crying..

I just miss him so much!!!!!!!

I'm just not used to be far from him this long..not even when we were as a couple.

urghhhh...I know other people lagi teruk...some husbands have to be offshore for month or years and some has even lost their loved ones..

I just cant help myself..say I'm mengada if you want to..I care not..

so anyways, I thought writing about him would help me.

How I knew him? He was a friend of a friend.

We started off as friends. I first saw him at the library in my second semester at UUM, studying with my friend [a guy of course]. I was there to learn an account topic from my friend. He was wearing a white cap, white sweater and white first impression..

OMG, this guy is sOooOooo cute!! heheh~~ [back then he had a very innocent look and still quite fair]

He was very quiet, and focused on his books...He totally ignored me being there..[and i think he switched tables after quite a while because I was soo noisy asking my friend this and that..annoyed I guess..heheh~~]

after the first time seeing him, I met jyue and went on and on about this cute guy wearing all white, and jue was like..."kan die dalam kelas kita..die pki kasut putih kan g kelas"

errrkk..??How could I have not noticed this cute guy?

Heh~~ so anyways, after that I saw him very often during final exams week at the wasnt because of him tho I was at the library all the time, it was bcoz my 1st semester results were such a disaster I had to work triple hard to get my CGPA up. All the time I was there, he was there, we didnt talk..He's the type who ignores the people around him when he studies..

It was not until our intersesion semester that we started talking..I went to the library during our test week [of course!] , and while taking a break from studying, me and a couple of guy friends [it seems then only the guys like to hang out at the library to study..i wonder why] , went out at the library foyer, just to hang..then I asked them..

"Ali tu mmg cam gitu eyh..senyap jer..tak bercakap sepatah haram pun"

then my friend answered, "die takut nak ckp ngan ko tuh..ko start arr sembang ngan die.."

after going back into the library, I went to him and said.."eyh ali, ko takut eyh nak ckp ngn aku?"
He took a quick look at me and said.."manade"..and his ears went all red...!!

hahahaha~~ laaa...pemalu rupanya budak ni..ingatkan sombong...

But that was the starting point, he was ok after that..not quite the chatter box like I was but he did start talking to me..occasionally..when he's not studying that is.. ;p

After I got excellent greds on my second semester, I studied at the library more often, after classes and during tests and exams week, also during the last week to submit any projects [hehe]..the guys were soo helpfull..mmg tak penah kedekut ilmu laa depa ni...

btw, just to inform, the people that I study with at the library, ALL BOYS, except for Ada, but itupun pen will always say, "Ada is a boy wearing tudung"..hehe..Its easier to study and be friends with the guys actually, when they study, they study, no chatting around, or gossiping about other peoples life...they do EAT a lot tho, and it was always me who will be providing the snacks...but well, they teach me accounts, I pay back with snacks...a rather good deal right? Ayu joined us after that, then elyn on the last sem..[but these two were always around klu ade makan2..huhu~~~]

I must add, these boys, mase hoo-haa~~ mmg giler..but one thing, they never [or try too..] tinggal solat, all of them are are mostly from Sekolah Agama..thats why I love these guys, as crazy and hoo-haa they get, they always stick to the basics...they are not like crazy skema, but they are open and honest, there was this one time, during class, ali smses me,

ali: ecah, ko suke ke org ckp ko seksi?
me: aku seksi ke? kan aku pki baju lengan panjang nih..
ali: hmm..tapi kan klu menampakkan susuk badan dan menggairahkan tu seksi..
me: menggairahkan ke aku? [asking sbb terkejut ok!]
ali: hehe..takdelaa..aku memain jerr laa..

the next day, I wore baju kurung, then ali... "haaa..kan nampak sopan n manis..."


there were times when other friends would tegur my nails bila dah panjang..[that time i kinda liked to keep my nails long]

a friend: ecah, kuku ko dah panjang, ko saje ke ko takde pemotong kuku..aku ade klu ko nak..
me: hehe~~ takdelaa saje..kenape eyh?
a friend: takdelaa..tak elok..nak amek air semayang pun payah, nak kene makesure air masuk celah2 kuku tu...

maka, the next day, kuku ku pendek... ;)

there are other things, but kesimpulan..they are honest and they dont embarrass you or talk behind your back..they tell it straight forward to you when they see you doing anything wrong.. ;)

So, Hours and hours of studying and hanging out at the library made me really close to these guys..[there were like 6-8 of them then i think] , and after a while, we started hanging out at different places, starting with the cafes, then we started our own annual BBQ night, we went to Kuala Perlis to have seafood, having picnics and sometimes just hanging out at the mall..They did became my brothers.. and having feeling for them was such a No-No..!! geli ok~~

~the geng~

me with pen, ali n aki

we were friends until the 7th semester [practical], and there was this one time when I went out with Shidi n Mus, to watch a movie.. Ali merajuk!! he claimed I didnt asked him to join..I was like.. "ko kan keje..camne nak ajak?" [we was working part time at KFC at the time]

- owh did I tell you? He's like super rajin, he doesnt go back home during holidays, he works, part time..wherever he feels like it, Kedah, Penang, a salesboy, as a cleaner...everyone else go enjoy themself..and be with their family...but not him...

Nways, to make it up with him, we went out on the last day he was in KL, with a friend of mine from school, Mala, it was a friday, and when he went to friday prayers, Mala was like "cute nye budak tu...ko takde hati langsung ke kat die? "

What did I say? "NNNoooo!! manebleh..die tu cam adek-beradek aku jerr..iskk..geli ahh...ape laa ko ni mala.."

but it was true, these guys are my friends, close brothers to was weird thinking the possibility of me having feelings for any of them...pelikkk ok!!
but then...the last semester came....since we were both taking the same major, we were in the same class, i took only 3 subjects during my last sem, so I had all 3 classes with him [ i think, or was it 2?]...then, we were in the same project group for one of the we became reaaallllyy close..he would wait up for me after class, we would have lunch together, we would meet somewhere before class and go to class together...but there were still no feelings then,well, at my side there wasnt...i think....

and since it was our last year together, we decided to go for a trip, the whole geng with some addition of some of their gfs... it was 4 cars, 15 people, me, ali, dayu, ucop, elyn, pen, nadya
,ada, fikh, G, shidi, uyun, ampal, aki n apit... and somehow, ali ended up in my car... we went to bukit hijau for a picnic, penang for some nasi kandar and lepak2, then kolam air panas because the guys love it so much there and lastly empangan something [cant remember the name] for sight seeing and cam-whoring!! hehe~~

I tell you it was the BEESSSTTT trip everrr..!!! I want to post the pictures, but the gurls were tudung-less at bukit hijau n after the kolam ayer panas, didnt take much pictures at tak sesuai laa kan since everyone pun dah jadi wife orang kan sekrang....hehehe~

one of my favourite picture from the trip

so anyways, after the trip, me n ali, we were different, i dunno why n how, but the feeling was there..even when we studied at the library, we ym'ed each other [we were sitting next to each other at the time], and ali wrote something like "ko buat jantung aku berdebar laa cah..."
hahahah~~ he wrote that and i went...duupp duppp nak tercabut jerr..!! but that was it, he didnt continue..hehe~~

after a week or two, he told Ada his feelings..and also he told Ada that he smsed his sister and said "abg rase abg dah jumpa perempuan yg abg nak jadikan isteri abg"

ouuchhh...when Ada told me [of course she told me! We were tight!] I was likee...ermm...speechless!!!!

ye laa...Ali Mirza, the sweet boy, the good boy who was loved by all the lectures, the shy boy..likes me..aisyah..the very loud girl, and the one people say sosial [not so actually!]..but kesimpulan, we were like langit dan different in so many ways...i was half laughing and half thrilled!!!

and one night after that, both of us couldnt focus on our studies,went at the foyer to talk...we talked about our past relationships, [i was talking about all my flaws...]..yelaa..he was almost to perfect i wanted him to know what i am like..what i like and dislike..everything laa..bla bla bla..but actually he knows much about me already, we have already been good friends for 3 years what..and I have always been myself with the guys, no ayu2 one..kasar n ganas jerr dulu...;p [there was this one time the guys were talking about girls, then I went "ehem2..ade kaum hawa kat sini" then pen said, "uiks? yeke? ko kan lelaki..cuma pki tudung jer"..sabar je laa aku kannn!!!]

hmm..i remember saying "ko boleh ke sayang orang ali?" [since he was known to be very2 heartless~~] - can u imagined, he's been with his ex-gf for 4 years, and not once he showed her to us? there was this one time he was studying, and his gf called, he totally ignored her call! and he only meets her once a week when they were a couple! whhoooo~~ i was the type known to be very clingy~hehe..but true, i like being with my bf, calling, eating together..outings..but not ali [at that time]..

and he said " aku tgk kucing mati depan aku pun aku nangis cah" [erkk?? cam tak menjawab soalan jerr..hehhehee..but i understand kot mase tu...]

the night we talked about everything.. ;)
and when I went back to my room that night, he smsed me:

" ecah, I want to be the one who makes you happy for rest of your life"

wahh..nak nangis beb bace sms tuh..hehehe...but then, we agreed to stay friends until we finished our studies...konon2 tanak kacau since its our final semester..we wanted to make sure it didnt effect our results..;p


we were like belangkas after that..we were everywhere together, library [of course!!studying was his opss..our main focus!hehe~~] , breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper together, since at that time we've already start studying at the library from after subuh to midnight [it been like that since the 4th semester i think]

ALL the pictures were taken at the library! foyer, bilik 24 hours, staircase..ALL at the library!!

tadaaaaa....our favourite place in UUM !! nerds! ;p

We took our last final paper together..

picture taken after our last paper using my hp (thats why a bit blur~~)

and Alhamdulillah..being with him...did not effect my grades..well actually it a good way!! ;)

and We graduated together..

in Dewan MAS waiting for our turn...

after the ceremony

i hate this picture actually, my hands look so stiff!!!! well long as its with him.. ;)

he gave me this teddy bear for graduation! ;)

**one of the things i love about him is that he doesnt spoil me with gifts, only occasionally, and he forbids me to buy gifts for him too..giler kan..but bila fikir, its good, at least i dont expect him to buy me any, and when he does, the feeling of getting the gift is so much more thrilling!! ;)**

my favourite gift from him is on my 24th birthday, he gave me this

he drew it himself! ;)

On his 24th bday, I gave him something handmade too!! ;)

it was his birthday and our 1st year anni..2 in 1..

We even had the chance to work together...TWICE! 1st, as teachers at mom's school, second in the office i'm currently working, but then he got a better offer, so he left me here all alone..hehe~~

him as a sub-teacher doing the weekly report (he hates that the most!)

working together in my current office ;)

One day, after picking me up from work, on the way back he was telling me about his day at his new office, and the motivation class [he was in training at that time] he attended, he told me they were asked to list down their new years resolution, and one of his resolution is "to be married to Siti Nur Aisyah by 31 december 2008"

I smiled from ear to ear!! :D

actually..dulu2..we planned to get married at least after 2 years of working, but..i dont know how ..tup2..he's parents came to merisik on 30 dec 2007, both parents agreed it was already bertunang since his mom already sarungkan the cincin, but I still insist it as merisik jer.. ;)

the day they came merisik..OMG i was so SELEKEH!!!! tgk tdung tuh...iskkkk!!!!

3 month after that, on 15 march 2008, we got engaged...
When people say, during the engagement period, darah manis, they were not kidding, me n ali, we seldom argue, but when we were engaged..masyaAllah...we were like cats and dogs...he was sensitive, i was sensitive, there was at one point, we felt like we didnt want to get married..seriouss...
but alhamdulillah...we managed to get thru that period...and because of that we know each other a little bit more than we used to..
and on 13 December 2008, we got married.. ;) Alhamdulillah... ;)

the akad
he's my husband!!!! ;)
Johor's reception
Married life is a bliss~~ I just cant describe how happy I am now..I feel complete when he's around..I am just sooOOoOo grateful, that after all I've been thru, God sent me him to be my partner for life..I cannot ask for more..he's just simply perfect for me...

as husband and wife ;)
dear hubby, if you're reading this..please know that I miss you soOoooOooOoo much!!!! I wish your here with me right now.. come home quick yer darling... please? pretty please?
I love muchhh!! with all my heart...!!
your wife

*i think I'm OK....for now*


Alymia Nelyza said...

omg omg kak, hebat punya love story! semoga akak dengan abang berkekalan sampai bila2. && semoga baby yg bakal lahir nanti kiut kiut. :)

Razali Zain said...

whoa, panjang entry kali ni, but very very interesting story.

I'm sure the length that you two are apart now will only make your relationship stronger.

Hang tough... life gets better... seriously, it does...

m@Ri@ said...

sy jugak tak boleh berpisah dgn suami..especially bila tiada sesiapa d sisi..for sure akn nangis smp bengkak mata..huhhu..kalau ade org lain teman iaitu ahli keluargaku..akan mengurangkan rs rindu yg menebal d dada..

efikz_1011 said...

Semoga berbahagia-)...kalu ada byk lagi gambar kat lib ..upload la ek-)

[ Hanie ] said...

wahhh, sgt best bace entri ni :) puas!!!
sabar ye aisyah, tak lama je lg tu. mmg korang berdua ni couple yg comel ;)

aiesya said...

alya: hehe~~ thanks!! ni tgh tatap gambar suri cruise everyday..hope2 comel cam gtu..boleh..??hahahaha~~

raz: panjang sbb start tulis from 415am..woke up at 330..cannot sleep..;p yeah..i know..just have to look at the silver lining eyh?

maria: i guess sume pun camtu pun mata dah bengkak..kepala cam nak meletop! pagi tadi mak nampak org nangis sambil bace Quran, gelabah die..but when i said sbb rindu hubby, i think die tahan gelak kot?huhu~~ade2 aje anak die nih

efikz: ko ke fikh? berlambak gambar..klu nak tempek kat sini mau hang page aku takleh nak bukak..ko nak nanti aku burn dalam cd neh~~

aiesya said...

hanie: alamak..malu i..~~ hehehe ;)


huhuhu i suka entry nie.. menarik giler for me... hmm mmg i ade rase cam tue biler hubby jauh.. sweet yerk..

Suzie said...

i know how much u miss ur husband..hehe..

aisyah,sorry kak suzie sgt bz dgn course,lps tu interview utk pertukaran...hope dpt transfer dan duduk dgn husband kak suzie

mcm2 in my mind rite now n i just can't focus...nak buat cv,report etc etc

will get back to u a.s.a.p ye

e i c a h said...

OMG! those pics brings back memory lah..kite pun student uum gak dulu..huhu...

great story..hanging there girl..surely he misses u too..

S u H a I d A said...

=) panjangnya..em...ali ni satu kolej ngn kt kan dulu kan??pewaja..??ye ke??rasa cam perasan dia kat bus stop..??

bestkan bila akhirnya awak ngn ali epy ending..caye gak yang tak...huhu..aduhai..sedih pula..tapi sangat happy skrng!!hehe

ops!!..ngomel plak caye kat sini..sory..hehehe

aiesya said...

kak suzie: thing i understand is office work..klu hectic tu hectic betul.. :)take ur time k..

eicah: yeke? which batch? rindu giler UUM..nak g but its sooo far away!!! ;p

sue: die misc..hehe~~ alhamdulillah..mmg tak sangka end up ngan die..but he's the best thing thats ever happened to me..ewahh..hehe..takpe sue..Allah akan beri yg terbaik untuk kita..insyaAllah.. ;)

Anonymous said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt gile


Waheda Amran said...

salam perkenalan ..

sweet nye ..
akak dulu pun PJJ (perhubungan jarak jauh) dari zaman bercinta sampai kawen ..

after 1 year kawen baru dok same ..
faham2 ape yg u rase dik ..

sungguh touching ...

terpjg lak komen .. take care sis ..

S u H a I d A said...

hehehe..yup!!betul2..tapi cam buang masa 3 tahun contract plak..tu yg kesal..ditambah ada yng bgtau apa yg 'dia' bgtau..yng totally x pun sbnrnya...n...rasa malu pun bercinta bgi nak rak..ending cam apa je..huhu..regrets??should i??huhu..

s h e d O t said...

best la cite ko..ko pandai bcerita la..menarik minat mengajar je xbape best..hehe..xsangke plak aku yg ali tu pemalu..nway, die ade blog gak x?aku nak bace from his side lak..the way he telling ur love story.ekeke..gurau je k..aku mmg da agk ko akn dgn ali sbb korang mmg cun 2 b 2gether..serius..aku jujur..ok la, xkesahla ko sedey camne pon..yg penting jage kesihatan ko n baby k..

aiesya said...

waheda: thanks kak! hehe..countdown lagi seminggu! ;)

sue: jgn nyesal..percaya everything happens for a reason! ;)

shida: hahaha..ali blog? ko nk tgk die ade facebook pun susah! thanks anyways~~ ;)

shera said...


terus tau cite A-Z! ahahahhaha

rindu itu xpe..dia dah tinggalkan baby utk andaaa:)

arapink said...

bahagianya kisah cinta kalian :-)