Thursday, May 27, 2010

flowers and hantaran

eversince i change to this new team, work has been crazy hectic! everything is back-to-back...payment-reporting-back to payment-crest..yada yada yada..and the BPs are like crazy demanding [of course la, they pay us what!]..these past 3 days i've been ordering fast food for lunch - not healthy at all!! [tula..padan muka sape suruh tuka team yg buat full set!] I've been cursing a lot - i know, BAD BAD! but despite all that..i love my work! dont ask why..i just do.. ;p

today, I'm on leave coz tomorrow my BIL is getting married...I volunteered to make his hantaran...i hard could it be kan to arrange some flowers on a tray? i have no idea what i'm doing..currently everything looks like this:

lets just see how they turn out eyh..i'll post about the finish product later...

i gtg...its raining cats n dogs outside and i think i see lightning...need to turn off the modem..

but before that, picture of the day [or more likely, week] :

aqil's first outing, blame the granma coming over and say "jom p genting!" .. haha! of courssseeee granma..aqil mestilaa nak g genting!!!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

of work n the gilmore girls

work has been usual. but i am back to the active me. volunteering doing this and that altho i have tons of work.sometimes i just dont understand why i volunteer in the first place.especially when i see piles of invoices on my desk to be processed and paid with so limited time.i am doing 3 things at one time. multi tasking people say.sometime i get so stressed and curse myself for saying yes to everything.

but then again. this is me. i love to multi task. life is boring without adventure. work is boring without activities..tho i do think this company of mine sometimes go way over their heads on company activities. like decorating competition. i mean. we're not in school to do all this decorating things. and those teams which go all out..they really do go all out and sometimes i feel i'm at the pasar malam with evrything hanging here and there..but I do like the engagement activities..hmm..

I am itching to start sewing again..but until i finish all 7 season of gilmore girls, i dont think i can focus on anything else..[i am just obssessed!!! ] i am working on my BIL hantaran for his wedding end of this month..but by "working" i mean..everything are still wrapped in papers or still in the plastic bags. huhu. but i still got 2 weekends to go..and i'm already watching the 7th season. so all is good.

i am thinking of sewing a baju melayu for lil aqil...anyone has any idea where to get the pola for that? or should i buy? do they have baju melayu for 3 months old baby? is starting. payment week is almost at its end. alhamdulillah...i can have a peaceful weekend ;)

picture of the day :

i wonder what he was dreaming about.. hmmm...


Sunday, May 2, 2010

hip hop

it has been a hectic week (still is) since its closing period..wanted to blog a couple of times but managed to write halfway then was distracted by work and baby..have 3 drafts which i think will be left as drafts..hmmpphh...i guess i'll write in points from now..

* i think blogshops are very2 dangerous sites!do you know theres a hundred sites selling cute and cheap baby stuffs which are just irresistable..I've done with Aqil's raya clothes in just 2 hours! haha...mostly are pre-Orders so I have to wait a month or so to get the goods..I hope i wont go ordering more after this..

* i can fit into my ol jeans and pants thanks to PB! but I have problems with my tops since I am still bfeading my baby..went to find new tops but find it so hard to find nice cool tops that can fit my sisters.. :( I am now wearing hubs tshirt and shirts to work..huhu..

* where I normally took 30 minutes or 1hour tops to get ready before going out before, now with the baby I need to start getting ready atleast 2 hours before we go out...last Saturday, we planned to travel to my cousins wedding in Johor at 8am, but after Aqils bath-BF-stomachache-nap-BF again, we ended up leaving the house at 10am...I now know not to make any promises, especially when it concerns all depends on the baby now..

* today is the first day I'm sending Aqil over to my aunt' cousin Aye has kindly agreed to babysit Aqil for a while...went out as early as 6.15am (initial plan was 6am) to avoid trafic after sending him (my aunts place is in Subang btw..) , but wahh... even at 6.50am..the trafic was slow...but managed to reach office at 7.15... so oklaa... wonder how he's adjusting at Wa's.. miss him already.. :(

* bought Aqil a sweater from FOS..konon2 when we're out shopping he could wear the sweater..but since the H1N1 is getting worst..melaram dalam kereta jer laa... Aye said "hip hop giler" but ape2pun..he's just so cute in it!!!