Wednesday, January 30, 2008

my first words... OWN blog...after years of reading other people's blog (family and friends)..I've finally created my own a little girl that just got candy from her mom...haha..funny right..?? but thats truly how I feel right now..why..?? I dunno...maybe because this is my first time blogging or maybe because of the things that I'm going to write in this blog...hmmm...whatever it is..I'm just...thrilled...hehe..

why I've never had a blog before?
1. I'm a superbly MALAS person...(lazy) hehe ..but seriously...I check my friendster acc once a week..(well now its more like once a month)..I got a facebook acc which I've never updated..(well actually I've never checked my acc since the first time I created it..haha..)

2. My auntie said that probably I'm not a good story teller..well...its kinda true actually...I always get low grades on my esseys and I love to write everything in point forms.. ;p (jimat space maa)

3. I didnt know what to write write about my everyday life..?? huh.. I dont have that ' fun.." life..I wake up at 6am..go to work at 7am..arrive at office at dont even go out for lunch..) go back at 6.30pm..arrive home at 7.45-8.00pm..sleep at time to blog meh...

4. I think 3 is enough.. ;p

and why start blogging now?

1. I'm getting married end of this year..and I cant seem stop talking about it..and I think my friends are getting tired of me talking about it've created this blog so I can talk..write and go crazy about every details...without anyone getting annoyed..hahaha......

2. more..its all about my soon to come wedding day... ;)

thats all for now..toodless~~~~

p/ took me an hour to finish this post..seriously...fuhhh...

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