Tuesday, August 14, 2012

and this is her story...

I blogged about my first born, and its only fair to have a post on my 2nd, so someday, they both can know their journey into this world :)

went for my checkup with dr Tan, told her I had mild contractions so she checked my opening and it was only 1cm, scanned, baby was already 3.2kgs. Dr Tan gave me a choice, either to wait (which can be 1 day or a week or 10 days) or check in that night and induce, deliver the next day..

looked at mr hubs for like 5 seconds, looked back at Dr Tan, "oklaa induce.."

the decision was based on, 1st, I was already feeling some contractions already ~ malas nak sakit lama2, 2nd, baby was already 3.2kg (that was an increase of 400g in a week!) cant imagine if i had to wait another week ~ mau berat mcm abg die ~ 3rd was because I just malas nak tunggu ~ hehe ~ i couldnt do anything dah masa tu..gerak sket penat...so, better just go ahead kan :)

so after checkup balik rumah, sediakan ape yg patut, ordered pizza for berbuka coz teringin sgt ~ had coke with a lot of ice for the last time before start berpantang, mandi, and went to PCMC at 8 and checked in at 8.30pm

registration ~ waiting for our room :)

dapat bilik nurse datang check ini itu, then ecg, at 11pm ~ 1st dose of the induce thingy ~ tanya nurse sakit tak, die kata sakit, but i didnt feel a thing~ slept like a baby the whole night ~ who can blame me, bilik macam hotel ~ T__T ~ teramat laa jakun ok memula masuk tu ~ aqil dulu kat gomen hospital so mmg macam langit n bumi beza okeh... siap ade kettle and all the coffee and tea, tv 32", toiletries, sofa bed for the hubs, robe, tuala ~ mcm hotel laa ~ sorry laa if i sound so jakun ~ sbb mmg pun ~ lalalala~~

the view from my room :)


6am - nurse masuk tanya ade sakit tak, i told her nope, she checked, baru bukak 1.5cm ~ only 0.5 difference T__T... so at 6.45 am, she put in the 2nd dose ~ and IMMEDIATELY after that masyaAllah..berpeluh2...the pain started to kick in ~ 7.30 nurse meh check again ~ dah bukak 3 ~ i was like wooo....yess...mesti cepat ..takpelaa sakit mcm ni...janji cepat (or so i thought)

nurse tanya nak amek epidural or not, memula mmg taknak, ckp takpelaa..inject jer, but at 8 when she came back, muka pucat lesi, badan menggigil, nurse kata, "puan, saya rasa better puan amek epidural, puan dah distress dah ni..." and i was like...angguk laju giler..lol!

815 like that after diorang call Dr Tan, trus tolak masuk labor room (which also sebijik mcm hotel room cuma tambah equipment jer - beza gilerr ngan gomen nyer hospital) , and I was lucky ade doctor kat ctu yg trus boleh masukkan the epidural coz gosh masatu mmg sakit yg amat2...

honestly, i was dreading the part nak cucuk epidural tu, coz masa aqil dulu sakitttt sgt masa die cucuk masukkan, but this time, masyaAllah..tak rasa ape, tetibe doctor kata "all done..the medicine will start taking effect in another 10 minutes.." like...what?? i didnt feel a thing! tabik springg pada itu doctor.. :)

labor room ~ siap ade TV and working table for the hubs!

lepas tu terus rehat ~ both me and hubs tido sampai 11 something, nurse datang check once in awhile, tuka drip, check on my condition...kol 12 nurse masuk check opening coz I was in pain ~ mmg confident ni mesti dah bukak banyak... guess what...still 3cm!! i wanted to cry! i dunno how people say epidural hilang trus sakit coz man...i can still feel the pain!! a whole lot of pain!! (drama queen much??)

seriously. no kidding. i wanted to cry when the nurse ckp still 3cm..its been like 6 hours and no progress at all?? looked at hubs, he asked me to sabar, told me to expect deliver malam so dont keep my hopes up..and asked me to try and sleep...

and then the food came ~ i ordered sirloin steak for lunch the night before ~ terus segar wa ckp lu ~ hoho ~ dats how much i love food!! yes i ate it all!! sedappp....tgh menahan sakit pun boleh makan ~ hehe ~ actually, i learned it the hard way, masa aqil dulu tak makan langsung (didnt know i could eat!) and langsung takde energy nak push so this time around, makan makan and makan...for energy nak push... i had one plastic bag full of kurma and i finished all of it by the time baby dah ready nak kluar :)

after lunch, i kinda talked to my baby .. "sayang, sayang turun laa cepat sikit k...mama tak tahan dah ni sakit lama2...walaupun diorang kata pakai epidural ni tak sakit..tapi mama rasa sakit ni...cepat eh..." (seriously i said that!)

menahan sakit tapi masih mampu senyum :)

then at 2 the pain got worst and it was kinda unbearable.. asked hubs to take a peek tgk ade any tanda tak , and he said ade darah...i was yess!! panggil nurse...tak tahan dah ni sakit... the nurse came and checked... 9cm!! wooohooo!! 2 hours >> 6cm !! i was like you go girl sambil usap perut...ingatkan dah tak lama laa lepas tu, then nurse kata, ok..kita tunggu lagi sejam ok... apee?? sejammm...?? my goodness ~ masatu mmg superrr rasa nak nanges...my contraction was like seconds apart (i might be exaggerating here) but the reading was 127 all the way ~~ berpeluh2 tahan sakit... to keep my mind distracted (masa tu nak baca2 dah takleh nak focus) , i went to the one thing that I knew would keep my mind busy ~ facebook! haha...i kid you not...went thru my usual groups babywearing mama's, cloth diaper's blogshops, usha handbag....and siap boleh post status k..

hubs masa tu taktau nak kata ape...layan kan aje wife die yg tgh dalam kesakitan :) i was also watsapping with mom and my SIL, keeping them updated... :)

then at 3-ish, panggil nurse lagi sbb epidural dah habis and i was feeling the pain even more...they came in and added the epidural and checked again ~ 10 cm!! fuhh!! finally!! trus tanya...dah boleh push??? nurse kata ade rasa nak buang air besar ke..i said yes, like for the past half hour, so they called Dr Tan, and started to teach me how to push..

and so the pushing began, memula tu mcm tak berapa nak reti, but the nurse, Shahida (such an angel!!helped me dengan penuh kesabaran thruout the whole delivery) ajar sampai laa betul teknik push tu, i dunno why org kata pakai epidural tak rasa sakit and taktau bila nak push coz i felt the contraction and didnt have to rely on the machine to know when the contraction comes when it was time to push, and it was actually me who went... "ok nurse, another one coming (contraction) .. 1..2...3.." 

at first masa push tu masyaAllah sakit laa amat2 kan...but after the 6-7 time tu (yes, it took me at least 10-12 rounds before kepala baby betul2 nampak ~ TV tu semua menipu saje!!) the pain was less...and I swear the contraction felt so much far apart ~ siap antara contraction tu boleh bersembang ngn nurse about how Kourtney Kardashian boleh tarik keluar baby die sendiri, sembang psal my first experience kat hospital selayang, even pasal the possibility org pakai teropong tgk my delivery coz the curtains were open and there were tall buildings nearby ~ yerrr...saya boleh joke sampai nurse tu dok gelak jer ~~ i almost reached for my hp nak update status but hubs tak bagi ~ hehe ~~ 

the tall buildings i was talking about ~ bygkan klu ade org teropong ~ ok..i have a sick mind! nobody would ever do that right??? righttt??

so after almost an hour of pushing, the head was finally where it was suppose to be, nurse called doctor - doctor came - sambut baby - it was easy peasy after that - just one last push then she was out - doctor put baby on my chest ~ honestly, baby alya looked more like an alien then sbb she still had the white wax all over her body but it was the best feeling ever!! (aqil dulu sbb kluar luka kat kepala diorg trus rush ke NICU so i didnt get to experience that moment with him) .. i almost cried!! seriously...all that pain.... worth it!! 

worth every single pain :) she's such an angel :)

then nurse amek, bersihkan, timbang (3.37kg ~ not bad!), and put her back on me, and i fed her for the first time ~ pandai anak mama trus latch and minum like she's done it before... :)

1o minutes like that, the penat-ness started to kick in ~ tgn dah start rasa lembik ~ so panggil nurse amek baby and rested for almost an hour kat labor room ~ dengan hubs skali rest ~ sejam lebih die berdiri ~ hehe ~ 

but this time, not so bad, ingat masa aqil dulu it took me one whole day to recover, but this time, by 8pm tu dah segar ~ maybe because of all that kurma I makan ~ baby beside me, mom, dad , big bro, SIL, lil sis and my other hero came tengok baby (not me) huh! and I slept at 12 midnight with my new baby beside me :)


and that was her story....

wonder if there would be a third :) 

Aisyah Samsudin
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F a i z a h ' s said...

Wah b4 this kt gomen hospital ye?bisnes masyuk trus g PCMC yerp??hehe :D apa2 pun tahniah... sy amik epidural serius xrasa nk push...dos tinggi sgt ke apa xsure lak...:)

altuty said...

pakai epi pun sakit ke T__T.. so i have to take epi. MUST!! utk ketenangan makan dan rehat. no 1 & 2, normal. tak mkn sbb tak selera sbb sakit. thus not enough energy.