Sunday, October 17, 2010

a MeiTai, a Wallet and a Passport Case

who ever in my FB friendlist might have noticed uploaded pictures and comments about my upcoming trip to Singapore this coming weekend. I am super excited coz I really2 need some break from work [work has been the worst ever! ]

Normally when people plan trips, there'll be pre-shopping for stuff to bring on the trip. Me on the other hand, decided to make stuff for my trip. [just because i need to save so that i can do a little bit of shopping there. ;) ]

so, 1st, a baby carrier. I was [still am] undecided if I should bring the baby stroller or not since I will be traveling there by air. I am not sure how and what the procedures are to bring a stroller, so to be safe, I need a baby carrier since I'm traveling with lil aqil alone from KL to JB.

I already have the pouch thing, but Aqil is not comfortable in it. He'll like merengek whenever I put him in it. So I googled and found out about Mei Tai . nampak macam bestt try cari online...hmm...a bit over my budget... ;p googled somemore, found one awesome website that have this Scandi Mei Tai's tutorial...hape lagi, printed out and balik rumah, terus beriya jahit! ;)


Aqil comfy dalam the Mei Tai, which makes mommy super happy.. I find this MeiTai tutorial very2 the easy to follow, plus, very2 comfortable for baby wearing (compared to the pouch type)

two tumbs up! me likey! ;)

details for the Mei Tai
(fyi, I made it reversible)
fabric for straps - Corduroy - Nagoya textile
fabric for panels (choc) - Blush by Moda-
fabric for panels (choc) - Printed Donuts Fabric - MayMay Shop

Next, I have been wanting to make a fabric wallet since my cousin sent me a pic and asked me if I could make one for her (wait neh Ita, tak jumpa lagi fabby kale merah hitam yg lawa). plus my wallet dah koyak2..maka, terjadi lah ini

6 card slots, 1 zipped coin compartment. ;)

tutorial from confession of a fabricaholic
fabrics from lovemelotes and
snap button from myhandmadestation

and lastly, a casing for our passports

all 3 in one place. ;)

tutorial from aspoonfullofsugar (but i tuka sket jadi untuk 3 an added the snap button)
fabrics from

I am still hoping to finish making one blouse for me and one nursing cover before I leave for Sg! insyaAllah...




lyn said...

Salam. I'm ur silent reader since I stumbled upon ur blog via my fren's list. I find ur blog very interesting. and now i really need to say this. I am really really proud of you, specifically ur talent - menjahit. Such a great gift from God to you! and whoever be your husband @ anak etc.. must be so lucky! not to forget, have a safe and wonderful trip :)

Ally Hassan said...

waa kakak i want cute purse tooo! :((

aiesya said...

lyn,thanks a lot! ;)

alya: can can..we trade big fat red velvet cake for a wallet? u say i jahit for u... ;) sistem barter plakkkk.. ;)

Memey Anuar said...

cantik2 semuanya!
u beli from tu
mcm mana payment method mahal x shipping nya?

aiesya said...

memey: alamak..tak ingat laa..i think its like USD14 for 9 yards. if more then that flat rate of USD30..but bila tambah tolak balik more or less the same macam beli kat sini..just kat ctu more choices.. ;) and is 30%...aritu kene tahan kat customs..dah buat muka kesian pun kene tax gak.. T___T

Memey Anuar said...

oo ok jgk la kan. cuma tax tu la hehe
kalau bleh elak, jimat sket :D

apa material yg u guna utk outer wallet tu eh?
nmpk mcm cotton yg tebal tu eh?

i xsaba nk try!

Nadya said...

wahhhh kagumnye dgn hasil jahitan case ur thinking of quitting ur job and doinng biz, holler me k.i'll be ur 1st customer..haha good job!!

Ally Hassan said...

i dun mind to trade uber cute purse with red velvet cakes. gimme gimme gimme!

i want pink pretty please :">

m@Ri@ said...

wah leh jahit gak ni..;) TQ

aiesya said...

memey: no laa..normal cotton only..i think they call it quilted weight cotton ke ape ntah..trylaa!mmg puas hati.. ;) and its easy too!

Nadya: haha..thanks..i wish i have the courage to quit my job..but tak kot..hahaha..

alya: cun! once siap jer i roger u k! ;)

maria: jahitlaa...its super easy!

nadia denise said...

aisyah! aku agree with k.yaya! u shud start a small biznes with all your cute2 stuff ni! and i'd be your first to order mei tai tu ek?!! take order la dear! tak kesah the price ;) heheh.

Ally Hassan said...

yeayyyy! ala saya takde no phone kakak. hmmm nanti saya email la no phone. oh, nanti saya pergi rumah kakak. *alasan nak jumpa aqil hehehe*

thank you kakakkkkkkk! :*

m@Ri@ said...

padding tu pakai ape ek aisya?

aiesya said...

alya: dpt ur phone number.nnti akak sms.giler bz!

maria: i pki normal batting beli kat craft shop.bukan cotton batting sbb mahal.

Ally Hassan said...

i know i know kakak bizi sekarang. but its okay, i wait! heeeee nak jumpa aqil!!

Mrs.Afendi said...

lama tol tak singgah ko nyer blog..
aku pon super opis pon tak sempat nak bukak..huhuhu..cantik gel ko nyer wallet n passport case tu..
nak try tp x enough time laa bebeh..
tak per laa,kain belambak g tak ahit..
hukhukhuk..:) anyway t ada new things update k..mich u..:)

Aishah Megahasz said...

Akak suka mei tai tu :D

fariha said...

wah!comel la mei tai tu.

Meez said...

waa..sgt cantik jahitan!
i'm not gifted in sewing ni...kalau masak - memasak tu boleh jugak.

tapi nampak best u diy everything. nak cuba juga, tapi tak ada mesin jahit.

u pakai mesin jahit yg macam mana ye? (sori...tak tahu sgt pasal ni).

kalau yang macam ada orang jual kecik portable tu, boleh jugak ke pakai utk jahit benda2 comel camni?

thanks in advance :D

aiesya said...

alya: nnti akak call yeh!

elyn: !! aku jahit pun sbb nak g sg..klu tak mmg tak menyempat..keje bnyk gile!

kak aishah: thanks! saya pun suka..sbb itu jahit.. ;)

fariha: thanks!

Meez: I pki mesin jahit biase jer..singer..but my mom's..nak beli sendiri tak terbeli lagi..hehe~~ yg portable tu boleh buat jahit biase2 jer..klu wallet n mei tai tak bleh kot sbb bnyk lapisan kan kain..takut tak lepas nak jahit..tak ingat berapa my mom beli dulu..but this one yg below 1k.. ;)

tuty said...

hi aisyah,

it's me k.tuty ur ssp senior. haha saya pun suka MeiTai. senang nak carry ke mana2. once diorg dah besar, masa nak masak asyik lekat kat kaki je, then pakai je backcarry MT.

lawa gile ur fabric.

saya tak la sehebat awak menjahit.. sikit2 bole la. purse tu kiut sgt.

nak tanya bole? where can i buy batting online? saya tak tau mana nak cari in jb

aiesya said...

hye kak tuty,

akak try bukak website , tgk kat tab craft shop, ade a few yg ade jual..i think nana craft shop ade, craftbuddy maybe ade..maymay pun ade jugak..akak just try browse jer kat website tuh.. ;)

adoi..aisyah bukan hebat pun jahit..biase2 aje.. ;) but thanks for stopping by at my blog.. :)

tuty said...

thanks aisyah!

nak nyampuk jap.. i think skrg for below 1k singer machine dah tak dpt yg boleh jahit berlapis2 fabrics. i use my mom's too. nak beli mimpi2 nak janome. haha regret dulu tk beli awal, now dah mahal. :P

could you do tutorial for the scarve? so cantik. :D

aiesya said...

kak tuty: yup yup..machine skrg mahal..aisyah just aim brothers jer after this..i think around rm1500..

about the tutorial, pernah buat dah.. you can see it here