Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nothing important

i am stuck in the office. lots and lots of error!! urgh!!

nasib baik esok dah start cuti..but report back on Monday. No long cuti raya for me. Sobs!

Vendor and BP asked. "so fast aa come back to work?"

deyy..who's gonna make payment if i cuti? u dont want ur money ke? *duh*

Luckily I love the work I'm doing. *yes, positive thinking people!*

i am rambling because I'm really stressed out right now. I kinda understand how my BP feels. hmm [?]

didnt manage to finish my baju raya. guess will be wearing whatever there is.

Orrrrrrrrr.... go for last minute shopping after this???

hmm..lets see if hubs is in a good mood to layan my kerenah.. hehe..

missssssss my boy. he's at his grandparents right now. Wonder whats he doing?

I miss u baby!


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