Friday, April 23, 2010

first week at work

wahh....i can see spiderwebs everywhere...a long break from the blogging world.. not that I dont have anything to write about..but I have been spending all my precious time [besides being obsessed over my lil pumpkin] watching Criminal Minds season 4 & 5 and have been drooling over this guy....

he's just so cute and adorable....seriously...i just love the way he's being all smart and mr-geeky in CM..;p


it's been a week at work..and suprisingly..all went SIL is looking after Aqil for 2 weeks before she starts her I leave Aqil at home, maybe thats the reason I'm not that worried about him..

first ride to work [i drove myself! yippie!!] was great..i had my cd with my favourite songs on, turn up the volum of the speaker and sang at the tops of lungs while driving! gosh!! how i missed that!! i used to do that all the time before I was pregnant..eversince mr hubs drove, I stopped doing that..ok..not stopped..but not very often i could do i was in cloud nine that morning.. ;p

the first day at work...or the first week at work..i didnt really miss my lil toddler..owh..I sound like a bad mother no? but coming back to work on a Payment week does that to you...I was so overwhelmed with work..I had no time to even think about anything else except for invoices and vendors and BPs... i even went back as late as 8pm at night...sian lil Aqil..but hubs came back early so all is my Aqil always wait for me to come back before he goes to I get to play with him for a while.. ;)

talking about my precious..he's so big now..he doesnt look like a 2 month old infant..he feeds a lot too..more than before..I guess you could expect that from a baby boy...I cant wait for him to learn how to walk..people say nanti letih kejar..but I say..baguslaa..boleh kurus! hahaha...well we'll see.. ;)

today is pay day with salary increament..not much..a bit dissapointed pun ade..i mean..we work like crazy but feels like all that is unappreciated..hmmpphh...tapi nak wat camne kan...keje pun baru 2years plus..takkan nak demand tinggi2 kan...knowledge pun besar biji limau jer ade hati nak gaji besar...a few colleagues of mine from my old team dapat naik pangkat...with great increaments i tell you...rase rugi pun ade tuka team..but i told myself i wanted the experience and the i should not regret my decision..insyaAllah rezeki ade nanti...I am happy for my colleagues though...I am not jealous..a bit envy i must admit..but I made my choice and I am happy with my work and team now...and i think its good for them to get the promotion...after all the work they have done for the team..they deserve it.. ;)

today is the last day of Payment..thats why dapat tulis panjang2 ni...cant wait to get home to my baby..[baru harini rindu die cam giler coz keje siap tghr tadi..and now i'm free like a bird..] hehe..but i feel like going to Ikano to shop for clothes...i have no clothes that I can fit anymore!! since i am still bf ing, I have to wear loose tops to hide my sisters..and my old clothes cannot do that...takkan nak pki baju kurung everyday kan...penatlaa nak gosok pagi2..i want big longsleeve tshirts so I can wear during my malas days to work.. hehehe...initially I wanted to go out tomorrow with lil Aqil but when my friend told me about the 2nd wave of H1N1 [nampak sgt tak bace paper or tgk news smpi member yg kene kasik tau psal ni] i think Aqil is still small and his immune system tak kuat lagi...but tak sabar nak jumpa die malam ni...or i could go tomorrow and leave him with hubs....hmm...should i go tonight or tomorrow..?? decisions..decisions..

I am now rambling and typing everything that is going thru my mind..i better stop before it goes somewhere much more ridiculus...25 minutes lagi nak balik! yes!