Monday, December 22, 2008

a proper thank you

alhamdulillah...finally..after all the ups and downs...I am finally Mza's wife.. ;)

there's a lot i want to write about my wedding, but i dont think i can do it in one post..or even now..i have to start from the preparations, the majlis itself, the honeymoon, the majlis bertandang to the dearest people who made my wedding the most beautiful day of my life..

hmm..i read cippa's blog and she wrote "I dont know whether she had the wedding of her dreams,but I hope she was not dissapointed with the whole wedding do."

are you kidding?! It was so much more than I've ever dreamt or imagined my wedding would be! It was purely perfect!! Honest! A huge thanks to my wonderful family!

Talking about "Thanks"...i feel very2 bad for not saying a proper thank you to my aunts,uncles and cousins for all they have done...believe me, I've tried...I typed, retyped and retyped my "thank you sms" but I just cant find the words to show how grateful i am for their hard work..nothing I wrote could portey my true feelings or gratitude...

but seriously, how do your thank the people who sacrified their time and energy to give you the perfect wedding you've ever dreamt of or better yet making it more than you ever think it could possibly be? giving all they can...reassuring that everything would be ok...making everything that seems impossible..possible...not showing the any tiredness altough i know the work is damn tiring...a "thank you sms" is definitely not enough!! at all!!

I really want to give something back...but I cant..just yet..I have to make sure everything is stable before spending more... but I will...what..?? I dunno yet...but I hope my mom, aunties and cousins will feel what I hope them to feel..and know how grateful I am...for everything...

but for now, I just hope diorang tak terase for not saying a proper thank you...I just cant give a "thank you sms".. it just seem so wrong....not after everything they have done for me and my mom..i will think of something... i promise..

aiyoohh..emotional laa pulak..but seriesly..wait until I post about my honeymoon...lagi emo.. ;p


Monday, December 1, 2008


.i slept at 2am last night.
.fixing on crystals and sewing on pearls on my baju nikah.
.and now i'm damn sleepy.
.cant wait to go home.
.but somehow, i know.
.i still wont sleep.
.still got so many things to do.
.i need more time.
*tapi takpe..boleh kurus...hehehehe*