Monday, May 15, 2017

Its 2017

i dont know how long i have left this blog.

all i know its been a while.

i have always wanted to write back but was contemplating if i wanted to just continue where i left off, or start a new blog.

I've decided just to continue on this old blog of mine, but i surely need to revamp the whole layout since im not with HaiO anymore (one of the main reason why i didnt want to continue here.. but i guess it was part of my life. i've learned a lot since my HaiO days, and I am a big believer in "everything happens for a reason" ..)

The main reason i want to start writing again is because of my kids. I have 3 now :) i know.. its been so long, i think the last post was in 2013, and my youngest wasnt even conceived yet..haha.. anyways.. i have a lot of writing to catch up with so i'll make this one short.

To my kids, if you guys ever read this one day.

Mama is doing this for you.


** i just went thru some old posts and realized a lot of pictures are missing. sad.  its ok tho.. moving forward from here. :)

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